Journal of Research in Business and Management
ISSN : 2347 - 3002

Volume 9 ~ Issue 4 ~ April-2021

Certificates Cover Page
# Article Title
1 Virtual reality: a journey into the heart of brands
Authors: Esma Belghith, Souad MAGHRAOUI
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2 Public Development Management and Institutional Theory
Authors: Fabrini Quadros Borges, Fabricio Quadros Borges
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3 Buying Trend of the Branded Dress by the Customers in India and Iraq
Authors: Hussein Naser Sharhan, Prof. R. Sivarama Prasad
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4 A Study on the Impact of GST in Retail Shops at Kerala South Coastal Regions
Authors: Jeethy Sukumaran, Jaimol K Mani
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5 The Effect of Financial Distress and Leverage on Earnings Management with Good Corporate Governance as a Moderation Variable
Authors: Waode Rizky Amalia, Yohanis Rura, Abdul Hamid Habbe
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6 Measurement of Village Fund Responsibility Effectiveness through Analysis of Village Study Financial Statements
Authors: Oktori Kiswati, Sigit Edy Surono, Doni Wihartika
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7 The Effect of Perceived Usefulness and Perceived Ease of Use on Perceived Value and Actual Usage of Technology on the Online Service of Pt. Garuda Indonesia Tbk
Authors: Raden Roro Lia Chairina
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8 A Study on Financial Inclusion and Financial Literacy among Women Workers with Special Referance to Handloom Societies In Kannur District
Authors: Harsha Kishor, Dr. Remya Ramachandran
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Cover Page
1 The covid-19 pandemic crisis on the volatility of the S&P 500: An application of the Markov Switching Autoregressive model
Authors: Carlos Alberto Gonçalves da Silva
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2 Cultivating Millennial Leaders
Authors: Kehinde David Folarin
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3 Islamicity Performance and Intellectual Capital in Performance Assessment Sharia Banking Finance
Authors: Safria Syarifuddin, Abdul Hamid Habbe, Amiruddin
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4 Strategies to Manage Disaster in the Emergency Department of A Multispeciality Hospital-A Study
Authors: DR Rashmi M, Ms Vijaya Parameshwari, Dr Suphala Kotian, Ms Meena James
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5 Investment patterns of women employees in Warangal Urban District – A Study on Select Investment Avenues
Authors: Hema Neelam, Dr. P. Amaraveni
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6 Causality of Banking Sector (Sharia and Conventional) and Economic Growth: Case Studies in Indonesia and Malaysia
Authors: Musa, Muhammad Ghafur Wibowo, Khairul Anwar Mohd Nor, Joko Setyono
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7 Implementation of Digitized Medical Records to Enhance Patient Satisfaction by Reducing Waiting Time in Out Patient Department
Authors: Dr. Swati Rai, Dr Amitha Marla, Dr Suphala Kotian, Mr Shashikanth Bhat
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