Journal of Research in Business and Management
ISSN : 2347 - 3002

Volume 7 ~ Issue 5

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1 An Empirical Investigation of Trading Volume and Return Volatility Sectors of the Tunisia Stock Exchange
Authors: Othman Mnari
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2 The Effect of Corporate Governance, Dividend Policy and Firm Size on Financial Performance and Firm Value of the Banking Industry Listed On the Indonesian Stock Exchange
Authors: Syahriyah Semaun, Mahfud Nurnajamuddin, Nurfadilah, Suryanti
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3 Rational Bubble Testing on Commodity Market of India
Authors: Kartik Jain
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4 The Impact of Government Expenditure and Private Investments on Unemployment in Indonesia: Analysis of Demand Side
Authors: A. Rizka Syamsul Bahri, Fatmawati, Madris
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5 The Influence of Leadership Behavior, Organizational Culture, and Affective Commitment on Employee Performance
Authors: Andrianto Widjaja, Ellynia
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6 Measuring Job Satisfaction of Women Banker's: A Study on some selected commercial Banks in Rangpur City
Authors: Md. Shahinoor Rahman
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7 A Peek into Insider Trading In India and Kenya; a Critique of the Legal Regime
Authors: Mr. Shem Oganga Nyang'au
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8 Training Evaluation Programme-Key for Organisational Success
Authors: Dr. Itishree Mohanty, Dr. Smruti Ranjan Rath
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9 Analysis Of Potential Creative Economics Of North Sumatera Province
Authors: Muhammad Imam Ma'ruf, Andi Samsir, Abdul Rahman, A. Rizka Syamsul Bahri
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