Journal of Research in Business and Management
ISSN : 2347 - 3002

Volume 6 ~ Issue 2

# Article Title
1 Policing Human Resource Utilization In Crisis Economy
Authors: Ikechukwudialoke (Ph.D), Nwosundubuisi Levi
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2 Application Of Cashless Policy In Nigeria's Co-Operative Shops: Challenges And Prospects
Authors: Dr. Chilokwu Okechukwu, Dr. Olise Moses Chigbata, Dr. Okoli Constance Ifeyinwa
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3 Oil Shock, Household Income and Expenditure: Evidence from Nigeria
Authors: Onwachukwu Chinedu Increase, Chikelu James Chukwubudom, Osei Martin
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4 Influence Of Organizational Culture On Job Satisfaction In Banking Sector Of Pakistan
Authors: Muhammad Saleem, Adnan Ashraf, Abdur Rehman Mir
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5 SARIMA Modelling of Inflation: The Case of Liberia
Authors: Felix Atanga Adongo, John Amo Jr. Lewis, Richmond Essiekuc John Boamah, James Chukwubudom Chikelu
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