Journal of Research in Business and Management
ISSN : 2347 - 3002

Volume 4 ~ Issue 9

# Article Title
1 Re-examining the job satisfaction–job performance link: An Investigation on the Relationship Among employees' competencies, work discipline and organizational commitment
Authors: Nurhisani Ras, Syahnur Said, Muh. Nasir Hamzah, Mukhlis Sufri
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2 The Effect of Competence, Motivation and Organizational Culture on Employee Performance: the Mediating Role of Organizational Commitment
Authors: Agustina Rantesalu, Abdul Rahman Mus, Mapparenta, Zaenal Arifin,
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3 Corporate Social Responsibility of Islamic Financial Institutions: A Look from the Maqasid Al-Shariah (Purpose ofShariah) Approach
Authors: Yusuf SaniAbubakar,
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4 Industrial Based Occupational Diseases- A KAP Study On Workers of Rayalaseema Region
Authors: G.Anupama, P.Lavanya Kumari,
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5 Business Driven Project Management Office in Organization
Authors: P. Shiva Kumar Reddy*, Dr. Chandana Priyadarshini, Ph.D.,
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6 Effect of Emotional Intelligence and work Motivation to Smp N Chief Innovation in the Jambi Province
Authors: Prof. Dr. Mukhtar, Dr. Risnita, Dr. Animar, & Prof. Dr. Hapzi Ali,
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7 Transformational Leadership in Cultural Embedding Madrasah in Jambi Province
Authors: Prof. Dr. Amir Faiso, Dr. Hidayat, Dr. Sumarto, Prof. Dr. Hapzi Ali, Cma,
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8 The Short Run and Long Run Effects of the Key Determinants of Inflation in the Libyan Economy
Authors: Aboagila Otman Ahmed Alkoum,
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9 Application of Fuzzy Logic to Capital Budgeting Decisions; Case Study Research
Authors: Nahid Shirinov, Mirhasan Macidli, Riad Baghirov, Qorqud Israfilzada, Gulnar Musayeva, Xalid Shirinov, Ayaz Shirinov,
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10 Factors That Affect And Enhance Customer Satisfaction
Authors: Anwar Alanazi, christan Bach,
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11 Innovation in Accomplishing A Successful Production Project by Applying Project Management Tools: A Case Study on Gray Advertising Limited.
Authors: Md. Zainal Abedin, Mohammod Naymur Rahman, Md. Mohiuddin,
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