Journal of Research in Business and Management
ISSN : 2347 - 3002

Volume 3 ~ Issue 9

# Article Title
1 Impact of New Economic Environment with Reference To Catholic Syrian Bank Ltd Thrissur
Authors: Sharon Thomas, Merin Prakash
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2 Payable Management on Corporate Profitability of Brewery Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria.
Authors: Duru Anastesia Nwakaego, and Okpe Innocent Ikechukwu
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3 The Effect of Accounts Payable Ratio on the Financial Performance of Food and Beverages Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria.
Authors: Okpe Innocent Ikechukwu and Duru Anastesia Nwakaego
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4 The Relationship Between Entrepreneurship Orientation, 4as, And Servmo To Hotel Performance Study of Hotel Performance in East Kalimantan, Indonesia
Authors: Irsan Tricahyadinata, Djabir Hamzah, Muhammad Idrus Taba, Nurdjanah Hamid
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