Journal of Research in Business and Management
ISSN : 2347 - 3002

Volume 2 ~ Issue 11

# Article Title
1 Improving the Dynamic Capability of Food and Beverage Companies Based in West Java, Banten and Jakarta through Ownership Advantages and the Level of Export Adoption
Authors: Rahmat Dwisaputra, Ina Primiana, Faisal Afiff, Popy Rufaidah
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2 The Effects of Effectiveness Mediation of Internal Control System on Competency of Human Resources and Audit Opinion in Previous Year toward Quality of Financial Statement
Authors: Jessy Dimarcus L. Warongan, Gagaring Pagalung, Paulus Uppun, and Abdul hamid habbe
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3 Analysis of NII and Its Influence on the Performance of Government-owned Banks and Private Banks in Indonesia
Authors: Set Asmapane, Abdul Hamid Habbe
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4 The Effects of Experience, Complexity, and Computer Self Efficacy Factors towards The Use of Human Resources Information System Application
Authors: Teuku Noerman
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5 Effects of Capitalization Characteristics on Medium Enterprises' Financial Performance in South Sulawesi
Authors: Erlina Pakki, Djabir Hamzah, Abd. Rahman Laba
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6 Effect Of The Audit Committee, Capital Structure, Managerial Ownership Structure, Management Of Profit And Dividend Policy Value Company Group Public In Indonesia Stock Exchange
Authors: Muhtar, Haris Maupa, Cepy Pahlevi, Abd.Rakhman Laba
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7 Goal Attaintment of an Organizational Change
Authors: Anggriani Alamsyah, Deddy T. Tikson, H. Tahir Haning, M. Kausar Bailusy
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8 Participation and viability of self-managed enterprises in Brazil: a study of two cases of the textile industry
Authors: Marcos de Carvalho Dias
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