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1. An Empirical Study on the Relationship between the Network and Firm Performance: Experience from Small and Medium-sized Firms in Vietnam
2. Asset Management Effect Towards the Optimization of Fixed Asset Utilization in West Sulawesi Province
3. Impact Of Manipulation By Brand On Customers: A Powerful Tactic To Gain And Retain Customers
4. Impact of OTT platforms on viewing Experience
5. Determinants of the Quality of Local Government Financial Reports with Human Resources Competence as Moderating Variables
6. Influence of Planning, Quality of Human Resources and Regional Financial Information System on Regional Financial Performance of Mamuju Regency
7. The Effect of Supply Chain Performance on Company X in Achieving Competitive Advantage Based on Managerial Level Perception
8. The Analysis of Asset Management and Reporting of Dprd Province Office in West Sulawesi
9. The Relationship between Compatitive Strategies and Performance of Manufacturing-Based Smes In North-West Of Nigeria
10. Impact of Stress on Job Performance of Employees
11. Analysis of Goods and Services Procurement Section (BPBJ) Service Quality of Mamuju District Government Regional Secretariat
12. Analysis of the Regional Original Income Optimization on the Development Growth of Mamuju District
13. Information Technology Quality as a Moderator of Regional Owned Goods Administration towards Budget Report
14. Corporate Governance and Bank Distress: The Culpability of External Auditors in Nigeria
15. The Effect Of Motivation And Work Environment On Performance Through Work Satisfaction As Intervening Variable On Public Health Center Employees In Mamuju District
16. The Effect of Auditor Experience, Task Complexity and Expertise on Audit Judgment at the North Toraja Regency Inspectorate
17. Consistency Analysis of Planning and Budgeting and Their Implications on Performance Achievements
18. Analysis of the Effect of Regional Financial Management, Accountability and Transparency and Organizational Culture as Moderating Variables on Financial Performance of Mamuju Regency
19. An Assessment of the impact of Poverty on Households Vulnerability in Some Selected LGA's in Yobe State, Nigeria
20. Regional Financial Capabilities And Economic Growth In North Toraja District
21. Financial Deepening, Macroeconomics, and Income Inequality in Indonesia: An Autoregressive Distributed Lag Approach
22. The Indian publishing industry in the new decade
23. Leadership in Facing the Covid Pandemic 19
24. Leadership Style and Small Business Survival in Nigeria
25. The Effect of Efficiency on Financial Distress Through Financial Performance: Empirical Study At Islamic Commercial Banks in Indonesia
26. Evaluating the Qualitative Significance of Human Resource Management in Promoting International Relations
27. Kafka– Idiomatic Messaging System for all Enterprises
28. Managing Financial Stress in Post-Covid Era Among Academic Staff Of Private Universities (A Case Study Of Renaissance University, Enugu State)
29. The Effect of Competence and Job Satisfaction on Employee Performance and Its Implications on Organizational Effectiveness
30. Analysis of the Effect of Audit Quality on Earnings Management through Accounting Conservatism
31. Role of Joint Liability Group on Sustainable Livelihood-With Special Reference to Jlgs Members in Westernodisha
32. Insurance Burden: Risk Transfer, Risk Management and Uncertainty Management Perspective
33. Interest Rateand Nigeria Economic Growth Nexus: ARDL Bounds Test Technique
34. Effect of Employee Competence, Employee Discipline, and Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction in Public Services Mall (MPP) Bekasi
35. A Study on Employability Skills of Indian Youth
36. The Role of Capital Structure and Growth Opportunity on Company Performance
37. A Study of Leveraging Corporate Social Responsibility to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals
38. The Effect of Regional Financial Performance on Poverty Through Economic Growth in Regencies and Cities in East Nusa Tenggara Province for the 2017-2019 Period
39. Covid -19 Impact on Health Care Industry
40. The Effect of Promotion on Impulsive Buying With Life Style as a Moderation Variable on Fashion Products in Online Shop Shopee
41. Entrepreneurial Leadership and Employee Innovative Behaviour: A Conceptual Review
42. Role Of The Financial Services Authority (OJK) To Protect The Community On Illegal Fintech Online Loan Platforms
43. Impact of Human Resource Practices on Talent Retention – An Investigation on Select Hospitals
44. Decomposition of Demand for Medical Care for non-fatal Road Traffic Injuries: A Conceptual Framework
45. The impact of R&D innovation in biological vaccine industry on firm performance: the mediating effect of firm capability
46. Moderating Effects of the Degree of Internationalization and Firm-Specific Assets on Corporate Performance


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