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1. Production of Clay- Bricks As an Alternate to Modern- Bricks for Sustainable Development
2. Effect Of E-Procurement, Competence And Good Governance On The Quality Of Electronic Procurement Services On The Island Of Java
3. Human Resources (HR) Practices and Innovative Work Behavior: The Mediation Role of Employee Engagement in Facing the Industrial Revolution 4.0
4. The Influence of Community Competency, Organizational Commitment, and Participation on the Accountability of Village Fund Management in North Toraja District
5. A Study on Factors Influencing the Purchase of Wooden Plywood Flooring
6. Accountability and People Participation Effects towards Regional Budget Allocation Management in North Toraja District
7. The Meaning Of Cross Accountability: An Etnometodological Study at UKI TORAJA
8. The Effect of Knowledge Management and Learning Organization on Employee Performance through Job Satisfaction in the Inspectorate General of the Indonesian Military
9. A Research Study on "The Impact of Human Resource Practices on Employee Commitment and Employee Retention with special reference to Tata Motors, Jamshedpur"
10. The Influence of Geology and Mining Factor in Mining Company Valuation
11. Analysis of Factors Affecting Local Government Budget Supervision (Study on Members of the Regional House of Representatives)
12. The Status of a Limited Liability Company in the Polish Legal System
13. Factors Affecting Performance and effectiveness of job opportunities creation, in case of Sidama National Regional State, Ethiopia
14. A Comparative study on performance of Mutual Funds of select Public and Private sector banks – pre and post pandemic
15. The Influence of Globalization on Our Daily Life: A Comparative Overview of Baidoa in Somalia and Abu Dhabi in the UAE
16. A comparative study on the supervision of asset appraisal industry between China and foreign countries
17. Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards and Corporate Performance of Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria
18. A Research On The Determination Of The Elements That Affectıng The Purchase Intention In Online Shopping According To Astrological Indicators
19. The Effect of Implementation of Non Cash Transactions on Good Governance (Case Study of West Sulawesi Province)
20. Overview of Corporate Tax Planning, Management and Administration Exercise in Indonesia
21. Implementation of Tax Management on the Distribution of Company Profits to Shareholders, Case Study At Pt X
22. The Exploration of Critical Factors to Young Generation Choosing Korean Budget Cosmetics as a Trend: A Case Study of Taiwan
23. Impulsive Buying Behaviour of Consumers : A Review
24. Budget Deficit, Monetary Policy and Inflation Dynamics In Nigeria
25. Treinamento de instrutores internos em um hospital universitário: um relato de experiência Training of internal instructors in a university hospital: an experience report
26. Benchmarking the Best Practices of Proactive Corperate Governanace and Development Administration Practice: Solution to the Poor Performance in the Nigerian Public Enterprise
27. The Influence of Customer Engagement and Word of Mouth on Customer Loyalty Through Purchase Decisions for PT 4Life Research Indonesia's Multi-Level Marketing Products
28. People Participation in State Budget Arrangement in West Sulawesi Province
29. Oil Revenue and Sustainable Economic Development in Nigeria (1981 – 2020)
30. Determinants of Comprehension Cryptocurrency-Based Decentralized Finance in Master of Management Students at BhayangkaraJakarta Raya University
31. The Influence of Product Quality, Service Quality and Consumer Satisfaction on Competitive Advantage in the Development of Start Up Coffee Shops
32. Human Resources Competence and Information System Quality Effect towards Regional Owned Goods Management Effectiveness with Leader Commitment as a Moderating Variable in North Toraja District
33. Technology Based Management (TBM) Strategy and The Performance Of Aluminium Manufacturing Firms In OWERRI, Imo State, Nigeria
34. Analysis of Factors Affecting the Audit Quality of North Toraja District Government Internal Supervisory Apparatus
35. Impact of agricultural credits on the Nigerian economic growth
36. Artificial Intelligence in HRM
37. Adaptive Final Assessment Exam of Accounting Modules to the Context of the Covid-19 Epidemic: A Case at Hanoi University of Industry, Vietnam
38. Auditor Performance Analysis with Soft and Hard Competence with Work Motivation as a Moderating Variable (Study towards Mamuju District Inspectorate)
39. The Effect Of Interest Rates, Exchange Rates And Financial Performance On The Stock Price Index Of Combined With Trading Volume As Intervening Variable
40. MICE Marketing & Management
41. Organizational Creativity Management and Employees Productivity in selected Micro-Finance Banks in Owerri
42. Effect of Marketing Research on New Product Development: A Study of Selected Bakeries in Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria


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