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1. A Review of Methodologies to Approach Fraud in the Remanufacturing Industry
2. The BIM Systems' Role in Architecture during Pandemics
3. Social Enterprise Marketing: An Analysis of Selected Cases in India
4. Evaluation of Tax Administration and Tax Management at the Distributor of PT Pertamina Lubricants
5. The Effect of Value Added Tax on Savings in Nigeria
6. A Study on the Effectiveness of Recruitment and Selection Policy (Post Covid) In One of the Leading Hospitals in Kolkata
7. Taxation Management in the Digital Economic Era
8. Understanding the Employee Perspective on Corporate Governance Practices in the Public Sector Units in India
9. Human Resource Development in Cooperative Banks In India: Some Recommendations
10. Effect of Multiple Taxation on the Financial Performance of Hospitality Firms in Abia State, Nigeria
11. Impact of Faculty Development and Evaluation Programs for Enlightening Education and Sustainability of the Universities In Bangladesh: A Methodological Study
12. The Impact of China Investor's Sentiment Index on Stock Market Returns and Volatilities
13. The Influence of Transformational Leadership, Organizational Culture and Competency On Organizational Commitment And Employee Performance At Bappeda Bangkalan District
14. Effect of Credit Risk on the Performance of Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria
15. Employees' Productivity in Insurance Firms: Motivation and Job Satisfaction View Point
16. Corporate Tax Saving In Indonesia
17. The Analysis Of The Facilities Locations And Transportation Activities In The Supply Chain Management On Firm's Performance
18. New World Economic Order
19. A Study on Preference of Online Shoppers in Kochi
20. The Effect Of Self Efficacy And Professional Skeptism On Fraud Detection With Emotional Intelligence As A Moderation Variables
21. Unethical Packaging Practice and Its Effect on Consumer Perception, a Case Study of Packaged Foods and Beverages
22. Socioeconomic Costs Of Road Traffic Injury Among Victims In Selected Hospitals In Southern Ethiopia
23. Evaluating Business Strategies of Opsonin Pharmaceuticals Ltd
24. Incident Reporting System and RCA in A Hospital With Reference To the Standards Laid Down By Nabh-A Study
25. Customer Engagement in Social Media Brand Community
26. The Effect of Human Development Index, Political Pressure, and Financial Knowledge on Public Budgeting With Accountability as A Moderation Variables
(Studies in South Sulawesi Provincial Government)
27. Las habilidades personales y sociales, que se necesitan para fomentar el emprendimiento dentro del aula
28. Regional Owned Goods Administration Strategy in the Government of Mamuju District, West Sulawesi Province
29. Fiscal Policy And Inflation In Nigeria: An Insight Into The Critical Limit Hypothesis
30. Cryptocurrency: Exhilaration in the Virtual Currencies
31. Impact of Green Human Resource Management Practices on Proenvironmental Behavior of IT employees in Chennai
32. Opinion Determination of Regional Government Budget Report of North Toraja District
33. Analysis Tax Planning On Withholding Tax And Value Added Tax Related To Reimbursement Transaction
34. Impact of Faculty Development and Evaluation Programs for Enlightening Education and Sustainability of the Universities in Bangladesh: A Methodological Study
35. Village Development Strategy Towards Independent Village in Tana Toraja District
36. New concept Car Showroom Strategy Using Multidimensional Scaling in PT Hyundai Mobil Indonesia
37. Strategy to Increase Competitive Advantage in Rubber Products Company PT. Fitria Jaya Lestari
38. Ascertaining the Impact of Celebrity Attractiveness and Familiarity on Consumer Buying Behavior Among Female University Students in Ghana
39. The Effect of Work Environment, Additional Employee Income (Tpp) and Promotion on Employee Performance Scope Government of North Toraja District
41. Impact of Financial planning on Financial performance -A study of select undertakings
42. Analysis The Effects of Competence Job Stress and Work Environment on Job Satisfaction of Employees Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Company
43. The Effect Of Work Load On The Performance Of Employees With Stress As Intervening Variables At Hasanuddin University
44. The Influence of Price, Product Quality and Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction: Case Study of Investors in Pt. Kawasan Berikat Nusantara (Persero)
45. Cultivating Millennial Leaders
46. Diversification of Rubber Products as a Business Resilience Strategy; A Conceptual Paper
47. The Effect of E-Commerce Adoption and Innovation on the Marketing Performance of Msme Players In Bekasi City
48. Innovation and Creativity in Industries


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