Journal of Research in Business and Management
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1. Effect of Covid-19 on the Economic and Social Growth in Uganda
2. Assessment of the Implementation of Early Childhood Development Policy of the Year 2006: Provision of Teachers and Teaching & Learning Materials in Siaya County, Kenya
3. Review Of International Accounting Standards (Ias) 2 And Performance Of Selected Manufacturing Concerns In Nigeria
4. A Study of Customer Relationship Management Practices of Vishal Mega-Mart and Bazar India in Aizawl
5. Effect of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) On Corporate Branding In Banking Sector of Jammu and Kashmir
6. The Impact of Immigration on Entrepreneurial Activities in Germany
7. Competency Training Needs Of Polytechnic Pre-Service Technicians for Diagnosis and Repairs of Modern Automobiles In Northern Nigeria
8. Digital Marketing: A Fascinating Journey
9. Analysis of Marketing Mix Promotion, On Tourism in Pantai Lilang, North Sulawesi
10. The Gigantic Challenge Of Public Electricity Management In The Brazilian Amazon
11. The Practices Of Human Resource Management (HRM) Impact On Performance In India And Iraq
12. The Moderating Effect of Customer Big Data on the Relationship between Sales Promotion and Customer Loyalty
13. The Effect of Electronic Management on the Production System Just In Time Field Study on Workers in the Ready-Made Clothes in Egypt


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