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1. The Creation of New Theories for an Organization: Constraints and Solutions
2. The Effect of Role Conflict, Work Load and Work Stress on The Performance of Hospital In Bhayangkara Tk.III Padang Indonesia
3. The Influence of Self-Efficacy, Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual Intelligence on Employee Performance of Koperindag Office, Mentawai Islands Regency, Indonesia
4. Transformational Leadership Facing the Industrial Revolution 4.0 in a Tax Perspective on Covid 19 Conditions
5. Handling of Aggressive Tax Planning Problems Case Study: Google Indonesia Tax Avoidance
6. The Effect of Competency, Communication, Work Ethics and Work Motivation Towards Employee Performance PT. Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) TBK. Main Branch Office Padang
7. Does Recruitment and Selection Process Determine Employees Productivity in Multinational Enterprises: Empirical Evidence from Nigeria
8. Corporate Sustainability Reporting Practices in Bangladesh: A study on selected listed manufacturing companies of Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd
9. Influence of Return on Assets and Total Assets Turnover on the Systematic Risk of Shares with Price Book Value as Intervening Variables
10. The Influence of Leadership and Organizational Commitment on Organizational Performance through Motivation as a Mediation Variables in Pt. Asi Namura Jaya Jakarta
11. Analysis, Evaluation, Attitudes and Actions about the Quality and Performance of National Leadership towards Corruption Culture in Indonesia
12. The Infuence Of E-Service And The Received Risks, To E-Relationship Quality, E-Purchase Intention, And E-Loyalty Of Bank Jatim Customer
13. Employee Performance Analysis In the Badan Perencanaan Pembangunan Daerah Mentawai Islands Regency
14. The Influence Of Relationship Marketing And Self Service Technology On The Satisfaction, Loyalty, And Retention Of Bank Jatim Customer
15. Organizational Change and Strategic Thinking
16. Lmol 605 Organizational Communications, Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
17. Competing Across Borders and Cultures
18. Agrarians Perception towards Growth of agriculture investment in Northern Region of Kerala – an age wise Analysis
19. Financial Inclusion As Determinant Of Performance: Does it Matter for Nigeria Deposit Money Banks
20. The Role of Prophetic and Agile Leadership In Indonesia
21. Analysis of Strategic Leadership, Good Governance, and Government Leadership Transformation In Efforts To Handle Crisis During The Covid-19 Pandemic
22. The Influence Of Village Employee Competency, Budget Target Clarity, And Organizational Commitment On Financial Performance Of Village Governments With Organizational Culture As A Moderation Variables In Gowa District
23. Dividend Policy and Firm Value: A Study of Companies Quoted At the Rwanda Stock Exchange
24. Effects of Job Satisfaction on Employees' Performance in Adamawa Investment Company Ltd. Yola
25. The Impact of Corruption in Encouraging the Crime of Income Tax Evasion among the Palestinian SMEs
26. Entrepreneurship Mentoring Post Covid-19 Nigeria: Disruptions and Matters arising, Strategic Issues in Business reopening and increasing demand for Mentoring
27. Employability Skills of Students from Management Studies in Rural Colleges Telangana
28. Lmol 607 Leadership, Technology, Job Design, Socio-Technical Systems and Innovation
29. The Role of Organizational Culture and its Influences
30. To Study the Impact of Work from Home on Back and Neck Pain among Employees during Covid-19 Pandemic
31. Trends In Financial Environment and Financial Behaviour of Middle Class Families of India in Covid 19 Era
32. The Mediating Effect of Entrepreneriul Orientation in the relationship between SME's Developing Program and Business Success of SME in Malaysia
33. A Study of Factors Affecting Buying Behaviour of Indian Consumers towards Online Purchase of FMCG Product


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