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1. Business Strategy in Increasing Competitiveness in the Automotive Component Industry (Case Study at PT Metindo Erasakti)
2. The Effect of Organizational Justice, Organizational Climate and Competence on the Job Satisfaction of SMPN Teachers in District V Koto Kampung Dalam Padang Pariaman Regency
3. The Influence of Brand Equity, Service and Trust on Customer Satisfaction of Bank Nagari Padang Main Branch
4. Recording and Reporting Of ZAKAT Funds: Implementation of PSAK 109
5. Employee Engagement: The Now And The Prospect
6. Credit Accessibility and Utilization of Micro and Small-Scale Clothing and Textile Entrepreneurs in Enugu State
7. Boardroom Ethnicity, Corporate Diversification and Cash flow Performance of Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria: An Independent and Joint Effect Analysis
8. The Effect of Transparency, Accountability, and Community Participation on the Effectiveness of Fund Management Through Competency As Moderating Variables In North Toraja Regency
9. Analysis of Efficiency and Effectiveness of Regional Financial Management in Mamuju District, Mamuju Regency
10. An Analytical Study of Impact of Number of Bank Branches On Deposits, Advances and NPA: With Special Reference to Lead Bank Scheme
11. Audit Findings on Audit Opinion with Follow-Up on Audit Results as Moderating Variable (Study in West Sulawesi Province Government)
12. Development Strategy of Village Potential Through Embung Tourism, Sambigede Village, Binangun District, Blitar Regency, Indonesia
13. Sustainable Finance Disclosure on Banking Sector in Indonesia: The Relationship Esg with Company Performance and Institutional Ownership
14. Effect Of Strategic Evaluation And Control On Financial Performance Of Small And Medium Entreprises In Juba, South Sudan.
15. Analysis of The Effect of Job Rotation and Leadership Style Through Job Satisfaction on Employee Performance in Class I Correctional Institution Makassar
16. The Influence of Brand Image, Product Quality and Sales Promotion on Oppo Smartphone Purchase Decisions In Sumenep Regency
17. Analysis of Effectiveness, Efficiency and Contribution of Customs Fees for Land and Building Rights (BPHTB) Towards Regional Revenue (PAD) of North Toraja Regency
18. The Effect of Tax Socialization, Taxpayer Awareness, and Tax Knowledge on Land and Building Rights Acquisition Fee (BPHTB) Taxpayer Compliance in Gowa Regency
19. The Effect of Human Resources Competence and Internal Control System on Regional Organization (OPD) Performance with Information Technology Utilization as Intervening Variable in Mamuju Regency
20. Analysis of Factors Affecting Budget Absorption at the Ministry Of Religion of South Sulawesi Province
21. The Effect of Promotion, Brand Image, and Brand Trust on Zakat Decisions in Zakat Institutions and Collection In Digital 4.0 Era, Case Study On Amil Zakat National Agency (Baznas) Bekasi Regency In North Cikarang
22. The Effect Of Extrinsic Motivation, Organizational Culture, And Employee Engagement On Employee Performance In Indonesian Film Censorship Board(Lsf)
23. Comparative Study on the Status Quo of Domestic Patent Technology Transfer
24. Cyber Security and Business Sustainability of Quoted Insurance Firms in Nigeria
25. Analysis of Employee Performance in the Removal of Regional Goods at The Regional Secretariat of West Sulawesi Province
26. The Effects of Global Financial Conditions on Asset Prices in African Countries
27. Parenting Styles and Self-efficacy as Predictors of Antisocial Behaviours among Adolescents of Geidam Metropolis, Yobe State, North-Eastern Nigeria
28. Does Corporate Governance Affect Productivity? Evidence from Private and Public Sector Banks in India
29. The Influence of Human Resources and Regional Property Administration on the Quality of Financial Reports with Internal Control System as a Moderating Variable (Study at the Regional Government Office of West Sulawesi Province)
30. Effect of Competence and Work Environment on Employee Performance with Tpp Provision of Tpp As A Moderate Variable At The Makassar City Investment And One-Stop Integrated Service Office
31. Institutional and Cultural Environment, Customer Income Profile and Retail Banks Operation in Nigeria: A Conceptual Review
32. A Study on the Determinants of Income of Printing and Bookbinding Workers: An Evidence From Bhubaneswar City
33. Corporate governance elements and return on capital employed by cooperative societies
34. The Effect of Budget Planning, Implementation, Human Resources Quality, and Supervision on Budget Absorption on Regional Organizations of Mamuju Regency
35. The Influence Of Competence And Independence On The Quality Of Audits Through The Motivation Of The Inspectorate Apparatus Of West Sulawesi Province (Study On The Government Of West Sulawesi Province)
36. Mediation of Satisfaction in Service Quality and Trust In Students' Loyalty: Empirical Evidence From PTM Indonesia


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