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1. Multinational Companies and the Challenges of Domestic Entrepreneurs in Nigeria
2. Applications of 7s Framework in Effective Leadership- A Case Study of Jk Tyres
3. Rethinking Multinational Corporations Strategies in Serving Low Income Markets
4. The Effect of Work Environment and Work Motivation on Employee Performance through Work Discipline at the Office of Investment and One Stop Integrated Services (DPMPTSP) Malang Regency
5. The Effect of TPP Incentives (Income Improvement Allowance), Presence, Work Culture, and Work Discipline Against Employee Performance at the Department of Population and Civil Registration of Malang Regency
6. The Effect of Leadership, Incentives, Environment, and Job Satisfaction on Village Government Performance in Pakis District, Malang Regency
7. The Effect of Leadership Style and Compensation on Work Motivation and Its Impact on Employee Performance (Study at the Public Works and Spatial Planning Office of Mamuju)
8. Operational Efficiency Of The Selected Viable PACSs
9. Determinants of Economic Growth Through Transfer Funds and Its Effect on Regional Original Income (PAD) in West Sulawesi Province in 2011 – 2019
10. Optimization Model of Airport Taxi Management
11. Macroeconomics and Bank Specific Influence to Mudharabah Financing on Islamic Rural Banks In Indonesia
12. Foreign Direct Investments, Location, Lax Regulations in Sub-Saharan Africa
13. Effect of Inflation on Human Resources Development In Nigeria
14. Application of e-Governance in Service Delivery: Enugu State Ministry of Lands and Urban Development in View
15. The Impact of the Implementation of ISO 9001:2015 on the Quality Management System in Various Company Sectors
16. The Effect of Quality of Work Life, Job Satisfaction, Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB), Transformational Leadership and Perception of Organizational Support on Work Morale (Empirical Study on Elementary School Teachers in the Department of Education and Culture in Padang Pariaman Regency)
17. Quality Education in Management Institutions: Post-Covid Situations Problems and Prospects
18. Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth: Proof from Nigeria
19. The Effect of Auditor Professional Skepticism, Competence and Independence on Audit Quality
20. Impact of Globalization on E-Commerce Use and Firm Performance
21. The Effect of Organizational Citizenship Behaviour, Psychological Well-Being, Healthy Lifestyle and Spiritual Quotient on Auditor Performance
22. The Effect of Budget Planning On Organizational Performance Through Standard Cost Analysis In The General Bureau Of The Regional Secretariat Of West Sulawesi Province
23. Family Governed Multinational Corporations And Economic Development In Nigeria: A Review
24. भारतीय रेशम उधोग एक वैश्विक परिद्रश्य
25. The Influence of Clarity of Budget Objectives, Accuracy of Reporting and Quality of Information Systems on the Effectiveness of Management Control Systems at the Mardi Wiyata Foundation
26. Public aid for housing policy in Morocco 2000-2013
27. The Effect of Branding, Quality Service, Satisfaction on the Interest of Private Vocational School Students In Bekasi Utara District
28. Worker Risks on Car Repair Shops and Protection Solutions
29. Price of the collapse of the environment: the case of Mexico
30. Analysis of Hotel and Restaurant Tax Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Contribution to Regional Original Revenue (PAD) of North Toraja Regency
31. Factors Affecting the Completion of Follow-Up of Audit Results in the Regional Organization in West Sulawesi Province


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