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1. A Study on Fundamental Analysis of Blue-chip Companies on NSE of India
2. Knowledge and Attitude Towards Entrepreneurship Among Millennials
3. Factors That Influence Performance Of Regional Financial ManagerMediated byEmployee Motivation(Research On Regional Finance And Revenue Management Agency ofWest Sulawesi Province)
4. Determinants of Service Quality in Primary Healthcare Facilities in Mpulungu District, Northern Province Zambia
5. Economic analysisofsectoral financial intermediationand capital formation prospect in Nigeria
6. A Study into the Effect of Demographics on Emotional Intelligence in Ghana
7. Budgeting: Impact on Business Performance and Audit Expectactions In Nigeria
8. A Competência Social Na Gestão De Pessoas E Do Conhecimento
9. Servant Leadership and its Impact: A Review of Literature
10. Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Contribution of Tax Revenues to Regional Original Income And Strategies in Increasing Regional Original Income in North Toraja Regency
11. The Mass Media; the #Endsars Protest and the October 2020 Carnage in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects
12. An Analytical Study on Liquidity Management of Selected Private Sector Banks in India
13. The Effect of Career Development Learning & Experience (Work & Life) on the Employability of Prospective Alumnus of Ma Chung University Malang Through Reflection & Evaluation
14. A study on perceptions of corporate social responsibility and corporate social responsibility practices by companies in Himachal Pradesh
15. Lending Behavior and Non -Performing Loans of Commercial Banks in Kenya
16. Implementation of Economic Learning Using Google Class Room in Class Xi IPS – 3 Sman 2 Palangka Raya, the Study Year 2020/2021
17. The Relationship of Learning Motivation and Confidence on the Interest of Economic Study of Grades X IPS at SMAN 1 Kahayan Hilir in the 2020/2021 Academic Year
18. Transformational leadership a paradigm to initiative-oriented behaviour among the Managers in health care set up- literature review
19. The Effect of Knowledge and Skills on Performance with Technology-Based Competence Mediation in the Indonesian Civil Servant Cooperative (KPRI) Pangudi Luhur RSUD Dr. Haryoto Lumajang
20. Inequality & Territorial solidarity in Morocco: State of the art and experiences
21. Impact of Working Capital Management on Profitability in Spinning Mill, Trivandrum
22. Facttors Affecting Brand Equity Management in Service Sector: A Case of Dashen Bank S.C. Hawassa Branches
23. Financial Performance Estimation of Selected Indian Commercial Banks Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
24. Perception of borrowers in Chennai towards personal loans in NBFCs
25. The Effect Of Regional Original Income, Regional Financial Management, and Accountability on Development Performance of Mamuju District
26. The Effect of Education Level and Experience on the Performance of Civil Servants in West Sulawesi Province
27. Firms Attributes On Earnings Management Of Listed Deposit Money Banks In Nigeria


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