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1. Business school selection – students' perspective of the influential factors
2. A Theoretical Focus on Marketing under the Corona Shadow
3. The Effect of Board Characteristics, Firm Size, Macroeconomic, And Financial Decision on Financial Performance and Firm Value(Study of IDX Companies After Mergers and Acquisitions)
4. Internationalization of Emerging Market Multinationals: A Review of the Literature
5. Coercive Isomorphism and Financial Reporting Qualities of Listed Banks in Kenya: Moderating Role of Top Management
6. The Effectiveness Of Enjoy Jakarta Slogan in Building Community Awareness
7. Redefining the Roles of creativity and Public Relations Skills in Entrepreneurship Business Education Curriculum for Self-Employment Opportunities
8. An Econometric Analysis of Food Security and Agricultural Funding In Nigeria
9. The Causes behind the Load shedding and to Find out possible solution in solving the Problem Study of Karachi Region
10. Entrepreneurial Intention and Financial Stress Among Undergraduates: Self-Efficacy as a Mediator
11. How Uniswap Become No.1 DEX in the World A Strategic Management Analysis
12. The Effect of Electronic Taxation System Implementation on Taxpayer Compliance with Taxation Socialization as Moderation Variable
13. The Effect of Good Corvorate Governance and Enterprise Risk Management on Company Value with Financial Performance as a Moderating Variables
14. Transfer Pricing, Tax Planning Engineering Multi Nasional Trading Company
15. Comparative Analysis of Savings Behaviour of Co-Operative and Non-Co-Operative Farmers in Bayelsa State, Nigeria
16. The Influence of Competence and Leadership on The Accountability of Village Financial Management in South Sulawesi Province
17. The Application of International Taxes in relation to International Law
18. Implementation of Control Rules In Overcoming Companies the Basis of Erosion and Transfer of Profit In Indonesia
19. The Effect of Transformational Leadership and Knowledge Management on Organizational Performance through Knowledge Sharing At Spk Sd Kinderfield Duren Sawit Jakarta
20. Effect of Receivable Turnover, Inventory Turnover on Company Profitability with Return on Assets As Moderation Variables
21. Tax Evasion and Tax Administration Overview in Indonesia Taxation
22. Double Tax Avoidance Agreement (Tax Treaty) between Indonesia and Malaysia
23. Does Foreign Capital Increase Tax Revenue: The Indonesia Case
24. Impulse Buying: How it Happens in The Mini Market
25. Comparability Analysis in Transfer Pricing: Problem and Guideline in Selecting the Most Appropriate Method
26. Tax Cases of Transfer Pricing Among Multinational Companies in Indonesia
27. Public-Private Partnership: A Contemporary Management Solution to the Problems of the Nigerian Public Corporation
28. Asset Structure, Capital Structure and Performance of Quoted Industrial Goods Firms in Nigeria
29. The Influence of Discipline, Work Comfort and Work Facilities on Employee Performance in Puskesmas Padang SibusukSijunjung Regency, Indonesia
30. Prosocial Ide Behavior in Frame to Malaqbiq ": Study of Regional Organization Behavior Budgeting In the Province Of West Sulawesi
31. Effect of Covid-19 on the Economic and Social Growth In Uganda
32. Analysis Of Corporate Social Responsibility (Csr) Programs In Improving Welfare And Independence Of Communities Through The Development Of Smes In Pamekasan Regency
33. The influence of Personality Traits on Organizational Commitment: Evidence from GCB Bank in Ghana
34. Research on the Relationships among Classroom Climate, Self-Efficacy, and Learning Effectiveness
35. Determinants of Profitability on Listed Telecommunications Service Providers Companies: Evidence in Bursa Malaysia
36. Reverse Logistics and Closed-Loop Supply Chain- A Literature Review and Future Opportunities
37. A research paper on Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Process
38. Fiscal Policy and Industrial Sector Output In Nigeria


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