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1. Firm's Resource Characteristics and Organizational Learning Mechanisms: Extended Case Study of Flat Panel Display
2. Exploring re-introduction of equity-based ethical modes of business: an Islamic approach
3. AnálisisEconómico enel Métodode Ingreso enun Avalúo Agropecuario
4. Preparation Of Financial Reports For Housewives Of Fisherman In Boriappaka Village, Bungoro Subdistrict, Pangkep District
5. Focusing on the Future of Work in Teaching Entrepreneurship in Business Education in a Knowledge Driven Economy
6. The Influence of Perceived Usability, Perceived Quality and Satisfaction Toward E-Learning Continuance Intention
7. Electronic Human Resource Management Practices: Implications on the Performance of Banks in Ondo State, Nigeria
8. The Influence of E-Banking Service Quality, E-Customer Relationship Management, and Experiential Quality Oncustomer Trust, Customer Satisfaction, and Customer Loyalty in Bank Jatim
9. Study of cost benefit analysis of Extramarks- the learning app with other educational online products in Nagpur region
10. Permanence and almost periodic solution for a competition and cooperation model of enterprise cluster with feedback controls
11. Analysis of Islamic Financial Literation for MSMES in Yogyakarta
12. A Structure Equation Modeling Study on Children Buying Behavior
13. Assessing the Impact of Branding on Brand Recognition among Pay TV companies in Eldoret Town: Focus on the Self-Concept Theory
14. An Empirical Study on Employee Engagement And it's Effect on Employees' Motivation in Vadodara
15. An Empirical Analysis of the Quality of Online Courses in China
16. Antesedential Beliefs of Financial Statements and Its Impact on Company Value
17. Initiatives Taken By Consumer Councils in Safeguarding the Consumer Rights in India-A Study
18. The Effect Of Learning, Motivation And Personnality On Taxpayers In Implementation Self Assesment System
19. A Comparative Analysis of the Implementation of Tax Dispute Settlement In Order To Actualize The Principles Of Fast, Cheap, and Simple In Tax Court (Indonesia and Japan)
20. Prospects and challenges: A case of Aligarh lock industry


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