Journal of Research in Business and Management
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1. Rentabilidadde Maízy Forraje(Zea mays L.) de Temporalenla C. San Felipedelos HerrerosmunicipiodeCharapan, Michoacán.
2. Desarrollo de Simuladores de Negocios en una escuela de Administración de Lima Perú
3. The Effect of External Perceived Locus of Control and Ease of Use on Intention to Use E-commerce Applications
4. Influence of Avatar Features and Its Presence on Customer's Behaviour: Literature Review
5. The Moderating Role of Mindfulness in the Relationship between Credit Card Usage and Compulsive Buying
6. Análisis Económico enel Métodode Ingreso enun Avalúo Agropecuario
7. A Study On Quality Problem Solving Techniques Used In Manufacturing Industries
8. Covid 19 Pandemic and Indian Pharmaceutical Industry
9. Comparative Analysis of Public and Private Sector Banks in India
10. Monetary Literacy on Economic Empowerment of Working Women of Uttar Pradesh


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