Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering Research
ISSN : 2321 - 5941

Volume 6 ~ Issue 2

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# Article Title
1 The Effects of Emerging Technologies in an Emerging Economy: The Case of AFE BABALOLA University in Nigeria
Authors: Adebayo Tunbosun Ogundipe
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2 Tuning of PIDPSS employing Firefly Photinus Algorithm
Authors: M G Suresh Kumar, C A Babu
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3 Wavelet Based Multiplexing For A Visible Light Communication (VLC) System
Authors: Yakubu Muhammad Muhammad, Nuraddeen Ado Muhammad, Ammar Muhammad Ibrahim, Yusuf Idris
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4 Estimation of the refractive index and dielectric constants of tin phthalocyanine oxide thin films from its optical studies
Authors: Susan Mathew
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5 Electrical Properties of Nickel Nanowires Modified by 2.75 MeV Proton Ions
Authors: Shehla Honey, Jamil Asim, Adnan S Khan, Maaza M.
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6 IoT Based Human Power Generator and Fitness Analyzer
Authors: Jithin P Sajeevan, I Sumedha, Manvitha M Rai
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