Journal of Research in Environmental and Earth Sciences
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CURRENT ISSUE : Volume 9 ~ Issue 11

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1 Effect of Solvent Extraction on the Distribution of Phenolic Compounds in Arbutus pavarii and Pistacialentiscus Plants: A Case Study from Al-Ghabal Al-Akhder Region, Libya
Authors: HAMAD.M.ADRESS.HASAN, Salma S.Abdalla Mohammed, Salma A Taher mohamed, Najah Eselini, SALIMAH ABOULQASSIM MUSTAFA
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2 Chemical Profiling of Phenolic Compounds in Native Libyan Plants
Authors: HAMAD.M.ADRESS.HASAN, SALIMAH ABOULQASSIM MUSTAFA, kareima A. Abdelghani, Najah Eselini, Salma S.Abdalla Mohammed
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3 Stringent anti-emission measures kick in; primary schools to remain shut November
Authors: Kaveet Mandalaywala
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4 Ankara (Calotropis Procera) – As a source of Eco-friendly alternate Lignocellulosic Raw Material for Handmade Paper
Authors: Dr. Atul Kumar, Dr. Rahul Mishra
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