Journal of Research in Business and Management
ISSN : 2347 - 3002

Volume 7 ~ Issue 3

# Article Title
1 Training at Rural Self Employment Training Institute (Rseti) and Its Influence on the Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurial Intention of Women
Authors: Rathi K. N.
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2 Effect of Profitability and Sales Growth on WCM of Listed Downstream Oil and Gas Companies in Nigeria
Authors: Moses Babatunde Olanisebe, Kabiru Isa Dandago, Rabiu Ado, Dahiru Hussaini
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3 Analysis of the performance of sexual offences court-ready dockets in courts in Gauteng, South Africa
Authors: Solani Mtombothi, Azwihangwisi Negota, Duxita Mistry
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4 Impact of Customer Perceived Value on Loyalty: In Context Crm
Authors: Lutfi Ramadhan, Dr. Yolanda MasnitaSiagian, MM
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5 Accounting analysis of Tianrun company
Authors: Yao Luo
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6 Impact of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) programs on entrepreneurship quality development in Nepal
Authors: Yam Bahadur Silwal, Dr. Chetali Agrawal
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7 Effect of Corporate Governance on Earnings Quality of Quoted Financial and Non-Financial Firms in Nigeria
Authors: Folajimi FestusAdegbie, Rafiu OyesolaSalawu, Alice Anese Shiyanbola
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8 Driving Process Improvements under Sustainable Development Initiatives
Authors: Dr. Parag Kalkar, Anand Chitanand
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9 Predicting Global Video-Game Sales
Authors: Alice Yufa, Jonathan L. Yu, Henry Chan, Paul D. Berger
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10 Performance of Public Enterprises in India
Authors: Mathews John
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11 Phenomenology Study Of Survival Behavior Of Traditional Market Traders In Manado
Authors: Lucky Otto Herman Dotulong, Bernhard Tewal, Victor P.K. Lengkong, Adolfina
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12 Determination of Proposed Maximum Residue Limit of New Fungicide, Amistartop in Black Pepper (Piper Nigrum L.)
Authors: Yap Chin Ann
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13 Performance Assessment and Opportunities for Incumbent Regional Heads
Authors: Darmawati, Mediaty, Gagaring Pagalung, Ratna Ayu Damayanti
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14 Career Progression of Women Bank Managers: Cultural Dimension of Gender Mainstreaming in Indian Banks
Authors: Dr Tania S Rath
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