Journal of Research in Business and Management
ISSN : 2347 - 3002

Volume 6 ~ Issue 5

# Article Title
1 Choice Modelling in Choosing Higher Education Institution (Case Study inPrivate Higher Education Institutionsin Gorontalo)
Authors: Deby Rita Karundeng, Silvya L Mandey, Magdalena Wullur, Hendra N. Tawas
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2 Consumer Satisfaction index in Arabic Institutions of Higher Education in Turkey
Authors: Mokhles Alnazer
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3 Importance of Management Information System in Service Delivery and Paper Work in Nigerian Universities
Authors: Marire Mary Ijeoma Ph.D, Martin Ezeamama PhD, Iloputaife, Benjamin Chiedozie
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4 The Role of Business Consultants in the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria
Authors: Marire Mary Ijeoma Ph.D, Ruby Ike (Ph.D)
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5 Analysis on the Effect of Hard Skills, Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Skills toward the Performance of Nurses (A Case Study on the Alumni of Husada Hospital Nursing Academy, Jakarta, Indonesia)
Authors: Andrianto Widjaja, Enni Juliani Saragih
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6 Detection of Fraudulent Financial Statements with Fraud Diamond
Authors: Zikra Supri, Yohanis Rura, Grace T. Pontoh
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7 The Effect of Intellectual Capital Disclosures on Local Government Financial Performance and theIntergovernmental Revenue as the Moderating Variable
Authors: Hisyam Ichsan, Darwis Said, Sanusi Fattah
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8 Dramaturgy Study- Management of Village Funds: Revealing Front Stage and Back Stage Ofactors of Village Funds (Study in Village Government in Buol)
Authors: Ismail, RatnaAyu Damayanti, Sri Undai Nurbayani
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9 Moderation of Management Control System for the Effect of Human Capital and Physical Capital on Regional Financial Conditions
Authors: Zulkifli, Asri Usman, Nirwana
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10 Propensity to Engage in Unethical Behavior (PUB-CL): Adaptation and Validation of a Questionnaire for Leaders of Christian Organizations
Authors: Carlos E. Biaggi, John Issa
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