Journal of Architecture and Civil Engineering
ISSN : 2321 - 8193

CURRENT ISSUE : Volume 9 ~ Issue 3

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1 An Experimental Study on Real Time Behaviour of Microbial & Sustainable Self Repairing Concrete (SRC)
Authors: K Jayaram, S Sai Vineela, B Vinay, D Uday Kumar, Ayath Nazeem, A Devi Prasad
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2 Use of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement in Road construction: a study on Recycling pavement method and its Advantages
Authors: Shukdev R. Shiyani, Shekhar H. Parmar, Bonny Bhut
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3 A Seminar report on Wastewater fats oils and grease characterisation, removal and uses
Authors: Navdeep Sharma, Satendra Kumar Shrivastva, DR. DIVYASHREE
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4 A Study Of City Character Elements Of Kendari City Indonesia: Garnham's Theory Approach
Authors: Mukriyanto, Ramadhan, Lalu Mulyadi, Budi Fathony
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