Journal of Research in Business and Management
ISSN : 2347 - 3002

Volume 8 ~ Issue 12

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1 Firm's Resource Characteristics and Organizational Learning Mechanisms: Extended Case Study of Flat Panel Display
Authors: Peng-Jung Lin, Ching-Kuei Kao, Ting Li
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2 Exploring re-introduction of equity-based ethical modes of business: an Islamic approach
Authors: Muhammad Abdurrahman Sadique
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3 AnálisisEconómico enel Métodode Ingreso enun Avalúo Agropecuario
Authors: Roberto Rivas Valencia
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4 Preparation of Financial Reports for Housewives of Fisherman
Authors: Nurjannah, Sahade, Nur Arisah
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5 Focusing on the Future of Work in Teaching Entrepreneurship in Business Education in a Knowledge Driven Economy
Authors: Pac Ordu
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6 The Influence of Perceived Usability, Perceived Quality and Satisfaction Toward E-Learning Continuance Intention
Authors: Andrianto Widjaja, Ellynia
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7 Electronic Human Resource Management Practices: Implications on the Performance of Banks in Ondo State, Nigeria
Authors: ALO Ebenezer Adebisi (PhD), FALOYE Oladeji Michael
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8 The Influence of E-Banking Service Quality, E-Customer Relationship Management, and Experiential Quality Oncustomer Trust, Customer Satisfaction, and Customer Loyalty in Bank Jatim
Authors: Mirda Rizyana, Sularso Andi, Riyadi Slamet
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9 Study of cost benefit analysis of Extramarks- the learning app with other educational online products in Nagpur region
Authors: Mr. Ganesh G. Thawkar
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10 Permanence and almost periodic solution for a competition and cooperation model of enterprise cluster with feedback controls
Authors: Lili Wang
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1 Analysis of Islamic Financial Literation for MSMES in Yogyakarta
Authors: Lilies Setiartiti
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2 Analysis of two factor models (hygiene factors and motivator factors) fixed lectures at LLDIKTI Region XI Kalimantan in Banjarmasin
Authors: Arfie Yasrie, Mahfuzil Anwar
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3 Assessing the Impact of Branding on Brand Recognition among Pay TV companies in Eldoret Town: Focus on the Self-Concept Theory
Authors: Joan Chepchumba
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4 An Empirical Study on Employee Engagement And it's Effect on Employees' Motivation in Vadodara
Authors: Ms. Archana Mishra
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5 An Empirical Analysis of the Quality of Online Courses in China
Authors: JIA Wei, YAN Xiao
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6 Antesedential Beliefs of Financial Statements and Its Impact on Company Value
Authors: Yulianti Karoma, Yohanis Rura, Kartini
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7 Initiatives Taken By Consumer Councils in Safeguarding the Consumer Rights in India-A Study
Authors: Madhu Voddepally, Prof.K.Raji Reddy
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8 The Effect Of Learning, Motivation And Personnality On Taxpayers In Implementation Self Assesment System
Authors: Supriatiningsih
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9 A Comparative Analysis of the Implementation of Tax Dispute Settlement In Order To Actualize The Principles Of Fast, Cheap, and Simple In Tax Court (Indonesia and Japan)
Authors: Dewi Syafrani Arbi Sagala
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10 Prospects and challenges: A case of Aligarh lock industry
Authors: Dr Ratna Vadra
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