Journal of Research in Business and Management
ISSN : 2347 - 3002

Volume 2 ~ Issue 9

# Article Title
1 The Relationship of Technical Efficiency with Economical or Allocative Efficiency: An Evaluation
Authors: Onur Tutulmaz
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2 The Role of Micro Finance Bank in Financing Co-Operative Societies in Nigeria: A Case Study of OHHA Micro Finance Enugu State, Nigeria
Authors: Onyeze Clementina N., Ebue Maurice I. And Okeke Matthew I.
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3 Impact of age on purchase behaviour of luxury brands
Authors: Dr. R. Srinivasan, Dr. R.K. Srivastava & Prof.Sandeep Bhanot
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4 Role of transportation in logistic management (A case study)
Authors: Mrs. Shree kanungo
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5 Exploring the Globality of Executives: Universal or Adaptive
Authors: Songwut Sakchalathorn, Fredric William Swierczek
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6 Who Is the Better Insurer: The Dilemma of Loyios School
Authors: Shawkat Kamal
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7 Pharmaceutical Industry in India: A Brief Report during 2001-2010
Authors: Mr. Ashis Mohanty
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8 QM practices, Service Quality with Outsourcing sustains managerial performancel
Authors: Chong Chiz Chzee
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